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Virtual Wedding

Virtual Weddings ~ Types

Virtual Wedding Ceremony (via Zoom or Skype): are differentiated by who is in attendance. If 

the officiant is officiating the vows from another place via video, then we call that a Virtual or Zoom ceremony, since the people involved in the ceremony are interacting with the Officiant over whatever video platform has been chosen.

Livestream Virtual Wedding Ceremony: the couple and the officiant, together with the two witnesses are present,

but guests are watching remotely, we call that a Livestream wedding since the ceremony itself

is happening in one physical place.

In Arizona, only the livestreamed virtual ceremony is allowed: the couple and the wedding officiant must be

physically present for the vows and the signing of the marriage license.

The couple may choose to simply record the video or broadcast the event live to the family & friends via Zoom.

Couples Living Outside Arizona
The Virtual Wedding Option may be available for couples residing in other states. Please contact us if you are interested in this option for your ceremony. especially if you plan to have a Sequel Wedding later.

Celebrating a legally valid livestreamed ceremony in Arizona

  • Essentially, anyone can livestream any activity or event, and it does not matter where they are, what they are doing, or the number of people that are physically present with them.

  • Our preferred Platform is Zoom. (Please provide advance notice if you would prefer a different platform).

  • All it really takes is a tripod and a smartphone with a good camera on it, and their guests can participate remotely. Many of these platforms even allow guests to comment, chat, and interact in other ways.

  • We realize that this is not always ideal, but ultimately, if couples choose to move forward with scaled-down weddings and smaller guest lists, these communications platforms allow friends and family around the world know that they are still being considered and included.

  • Currently, during the COVID-19 Pandemic this becomes an ideal way in which to celebrate your most important vows as a couple.

  • Cost: - $350

Contact us at to discuss the possibilities and schedule a date!
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