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Source: 5 Etiquette Tips for Hosting a Covid-19 Wedding - Click on Masks to read the article.


  •  ​Wear face coverings:  Wear cloth face coverings (masks).

  •  Maintain 6 feet Distance Rule from other people (who are not members of your immediate household).

  •  Outdoor Ceremonies are best but consider the weather and temperature.  Host your gathering outdoors, when possible. If this is not feasible, make sure the room or space is well-ventilated (for example, open a window).

  •   Arrange tables and chairs to allow for social distancing. People from the same household can be in groups together and don’t need to be 6 feet apart – just 6 feet away from other families.

  •   Keep the service small (recommend no more than 6 people), or consider a Virtual Wedding, followed by a Sequel Wedding after it is safe to do so. It must be stressed that social distancing is imperative.

  •   When greeting others, minimize gestures that promote close contact. For example, do not shake hands, no elbow bumps, & no hugs! Instead wave and verbally greet each other.

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