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Ceremonial Variations

        This is your wedding and as such, it should truly reflect your thoughts, values, and personal beliefs. Remember, this day, and this ceremony... marks that "Timeless Crossroad" from which you both begin your journey together... for the rest of your lives. This day will be remembered as one of the most important moments of your life. As your Wedding Officiant, I want to work with you to design a meaningful ceremony that you will find memorable and worthy of the love you share.

Based on established nuptial practices, there are several basic building blocks from which to start:

NON-DENOMINATIONAL CEREMONY - a non-denominational ceremony does utilize the protocol or practices of any particular denomination. Non-denominational ceremonies are popular because they serve the purpose of the bride and groom who may be of different religious backgrounds. In these types of ceremonies, the officiate can creatively bring in light references to God, prayers, and/or customs with which both sides can agree. 

CHRISTIAN CEREMONY - a Christian ceremony is an expression of worship that celebrates the love a man and woman share as a testimony of their lives before God. It is an expression of worship; reflecting joy, celebration, respect, dignity, and love. These ceremonies reflect more traditional styles and practices by which a couple expresses their love by making a solemn and eternal covenant with each other before God. This ceremony includes references to Jesus, Scripture Readings, and ceremony enhancements that could include "The Unity Cross" and "The Unity Heart Ceremony."

 INTERFAITH CEREMONY - An Interfaith or Interdenominational ceremony is a combination of a blend of religious beliefs ranging from only some religious elements to being entirely religious. Interfaith is in essence a respect for and an acknowledgment of all the many different beliefs and spiritual understandings. It is an adoption of the values and traditions of all religious and spiritual paths. 

 SPIRITUAL CEREMONY - A Spiritual ceremony is one in which there can be references to God, but speaks more about nature, and our spirituality in a non-religious way. 

SECULAR (CIVIL) CEREMONY - a civil ceremony is a non-religious ceremony. It does not contain religion in the ceremony or prayers. Although it is not religious, it is not lacking in meaning or love. A couple can choose to include a poem or other special enrichments that may be specifically meaningful to them.

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