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Timeless Crossroad

Where Two Hearts Unite

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“A wedding is more than a celebration of the love that lives in your hearts. It reaches into the future and proclaims your intentions for that which tomorrow shall hold. You are not only joined by the mutual affection and love that you share, but also by your hopes and dreams and by the promise of what will be. The promises and vows you make shall guide you into your common future."- Wedding Ceremony Excerpt
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It is entirely incredible, that with 7.8 billion people in the world, and 332 million people in the United States, that love can bring two people together… even if it is from different parts of the world and great distances, or even at times… when they have been living right next door to each other for years. That coming together of two hearts at this Timeless Crossroad is a story as old as time. It has served as the starting point for a couple’s own story as they begin their journey together on the journey of a lifetime. It all begins with the wedding ceremony which will unite both hearts and create a new family formed by their shared love. – J. A. Garcia
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